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The Yonis are made up of 10 full-time performing members...

Aine Reynolds

Bethany Rose Edwards

Bun Kobayashi

Charlotte Mclean

Florence Blackmore

Haley Jayne Gash

Isobel Ripley

Jay Yule

Maisie Sadgrove

Monika Szpunar

With an aim to celebrate and empower other female artists, The Yonis work as a fluid collective and have had roughly 50 different women collaborate and join them in various performances or events since February 2017, when Charlotte and Haley founded the girl band. 

WHO: Projects

We would like to thank all of the part-time Yonis who have performed with us along the way...

Kaivalya Sarah Brewerton, Kaia Goodenough, Satoko Fukuda, Freya Simpson, Lee Carter, Vicky Wilson, Suzanne Tarlin, Dulcie Fraser, Natifah White, Teddy Niesyto-Bame, Emily Robinson,  Mandy Kimm, Maya bodiley, Matea Hrustic, Georgia Redgrave, Corrie Mckenzie, Taylor Han, Shannon Dray, Sara Augieras, Fanny Pouillot, Annie Edwards, Gaby Conn, Michelle Rose, Livi Thynne, Anna J Chapman, Sharol Mckenzie, Yasmine Lindskog, Irene Campos, Rachel Laird, Claricia Kruitof, Fay Reilly, Jamme Stein, Erin Pillot, Toi B. Brown, Lucy Caster, Heather Birley, Francesca Lista, Thalia Mahaffy, Alice Smith, Jorja Follina, Isabel Alvarez, Eleanor Robertson, Steph Burrell, Zunnur Sazali, Alicia Pirez Curell, Eilidh Scott, Ruby Portus, Andrea Pérez Domínguez, Emily Murayama, Maria Miguel Rodriguez, Berhana Lucy

WHO: Projects
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